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Insulation covers for
wastewater treatment tanks

The basic material used for production of the cover is GRP composite (glass-fiber-reinforced-polyester composite). The manufactured elements have various parameters in dependence on the durability and functional requirements aiming at the optimization of the investment costs.

All basic raw materials are based on the original programme of the American company ASHLAND and VETROTEX which ensures repeatable, highest quality. The barrier layers which protect the surfaces of the laminate from weather conditions and vapours and gases of the hermetic environment are made of isophthalic gel coats of a high quality – MaxGuard in any colours according to RAL palette.

The required technical parameters of PS laminate in the work-hardened state (multi-directional reinforcement with a glass mat):

  • Tensile strength 75 MPA
  • Modulus of elasticity in tension 7700 MPa
  • Relative elongation at breaking 2,4%
  • The bending tensile strength 145 MPa
  • Modulus of elasticity in bending 6700 MPa

The geometry of composite elements (flat elements, shell elements, channel-shaped elements, cup elements etc.) is each case a subject of an individual analysis. It depends on the construction of the tank, type of sewages and external loads. Technical designs of covers and composite elements are developed taking into account the standards regarding the load with a snow, wind, ice and temperature.

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