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Service and technical inspections

Regular technical inspections and a proper maintenance of pools and its attractions is one of the key elements guarantying the client's satisfaction, long durability and low operating costs.


Having the experience with over 390 built water slides, our installers and service men serve with a professional help in the assessment of the technical condition of the pool and pool attractions and most of all with a precise removal of any damages occurred during use.

The range of the service inspection depends on an individual need of the owner and therefore a detailed interview and a technical appraisal at the facility is crucial. We do our best to obtain the highest standard of using through our service activities during the subsequent months of use.

Service and inspection scope

We provide service to both slides, external fittings, bonding, water flows, stairways to the slides, pool technology, shallowings of the pool's floor and many other.

In critical situations, we recommend disassembly of a slide and renovation in our production halls. Such an action is undertaken in case of scratched, cracked slides in order to modernize the slide tract and the attractiveness of the slide.

Don't hestitate to ask us for individual request - we will do our best to provide you with the best solution regarding our pool or dry slides or any other product which is the part of our offer.

The most crucial element of service inspections is a proper training the caretakers of the pool because a daily maintenance prolongs the efficiency and the life cycle of swimming  pool attractions.