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Water Playground

Water playgrounds are places where children of different age can integrate – we give them a great occasion to do it.

With a view to provide children with a full freedom of joy, diversity of gadgets, choice between sliding and climbing, between pouring the water in and spreading it, we have created a modular product. This means that we build each playground according to the possibilities that the water park and the zone for children offer.

This unique construction constitutes a perfect supplement to water parks, municipal pools, amusement parks and many other amusement centres for children. Enriching the amusement area with the pool we can notice that it is becoming the point of a great interest.


Water playgrounds are a modular construction which gives the possibility of composition of an attraction out of any number of elements and the whole range of amendments, from selection of new attractions at a later stage to their exchange – adjustment of changes to investment opportunities. The main element of the construction is water installation to which the selected by the Investor interactive attractions are adjusted.


The size of the playground is measured with the amount of platforms – modules which are piecing together. The elements of the equipment are:

  • Family water slide
  • Anaconda water slide
  • Kamikaze water slide
  • Big overflow bucket
  • A water whirl
  • Water curtains
  • Overflow small buckets
  • Water cannons,
  • Water mushroom
  • Taps
  • Shower from balustrades
  • Water snakes
  • Interactive games
  • Animal figures

Presentation of themed water playgrounds