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Dryden Aqua System

The integrated DAISY Water Treatment System ensures a crystal clean and healthy swimming pool water without toxic by-products of disinfection, the lowest possible consumption of chlorine and low operation costs of technology.

Instead of stronger and stronger disinfectants and expensive equipment we have developed the pool water treatment process changing the water properties and inhibiting the proliferation and endurance of bacteria and parasites.

Due to the fact that the idea came from a biologist, we know exactly which factors are needed for the development of bacteria and we can remove them. This is far more better solution from the attempt of neutralizing the bacteria with chemicals after it was developed in the system of the pool water.

That is why we are able to achieve the pool water quality which is free of almost all bacteria and parasites.

Our attitude is based on three key elements:

  1. As a result of AFM® bio-resistance, bacteria have no ground to develop and proliferate.
  2. By means of an advanced coagulation, flocculation and filtration we remove the breeding ground for bacteria.
  3. DAISY: our integrated Dryden Aqua System filters almost everything out of water and decreases demand for chlorine to the lowest possible level. The lower demand for chlorine, the lower concentration of by-products of disinfection in water, in the air and right above the water surface.

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