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The laminate stairway

A solution which replaces unaesthetic steel stairways to the slide is a change of a principal material of which it is made. We present you the stairways made of laminate which is:

  • easy to keep clean
  • visually attractive
  • colour-matched to the slide
  • adjusted to the water park theme
  • safe in use and functional for the life guards who watch for the safety of people at the starting platform

Both stairs as the side walls of the stairway are made of a laminate in any RAL colour. The stairway is padded with the supporting structure of galvanized steel which guarantees the stability of the entire form. The feel of safety can be achieved also by adding an anti-slip layer to each stair. The barriers in the upper and lower platform are made of a stainless steel. There are two models of the upper platform available: with a separate place for a life guard or a simple model. Where it is required by the external  conditions , we can offer also the heated stairs.