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Wet Bubble – an attraction for children and adults

Wet Bubble is one of the few water attractions which can be used by many people at the same time and - what is the most important – it allows for a safe use!

Wet Bubble is a soft, inflatable and vinyl dome installed in the pool of 90 cm depth. The surface of the Bubble is covered with additional layer protecting it from the negative influence of UV rays and lengthens the physical durability to five times.
A funnel and the fountain made of a stainless steel is the supporting structure and hydrates the Wet Bubble.
Mini model doesn't have a fountain at the top and are hydrated with 3 fountains placed around the attraction.

The user climbes up using ropes or integrated with the coating handholds, while getting to the top of the largest bubble jumps and slides to the pool. This attraction is enriched by colourful patterns and original themes.

It is potentially the largest advertising surface available at the pool facility.

Diameters of the inflatable bubbles for particular models:

  • Mini Bubble – a diameter of 5m
  • Medi Bubble – a diameter of 9,5 m
  • Wet Bubble – a diameter of 12 m/ 15 m / 20 m

Wet Bubble is an original product of Recrea company. Firma Mazur is an official partner of Recrea company. A Scandinavian precision and functionality guarantee the highest quality and safety.

Wet Bubble

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