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- Pokrzywna - Poland

Public Water Playground - Ciechocinek - Poland

Water Playground RCS - Lubin - Poland

Аквапарк "7 ОКЕАН" - Khmelnytskyi Oblast

The opening of the water park "7 Ocean" in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine is a significant event on a national scale. Styling of this park is very carefully thought out and extremely realistically done - here are pirates, sunken objects, marine animals and rocks. The water park features 6 slides, including multislide, Kamikaze, UFO, Anaconda with multimedia and rafting slide made in the L-RTM technology. Water park "7 Ocean" is an unrivaled attraction in the country made with the utmost care - the effect is wonderful.

7 Ocean Aquapark

Hotel Continental - Krynica Morska

The only water park on the Vistula Spit which belongs to the 4-star Hotel Continental in Krynica Morska. This facility is known for a very good reputation and high class. The newly opened water park initiate from the entrance soothes and relax. Thanks to the light, high-quality stainless steel pools and a range of water attractions makes the water park attractive for kids and adults. The kids zone includes multifunctional water palyground, wave generator and two water slides - 63 and 100 m long - with multimedia effects. Just worth visiting!

"Goracy Potok" - SZAFLARY

Recreation place - Goracy Potok - is another water park worth to visit, especially for thermal water fans. Thanks to the access to hot water, the outdoor pools are open the whole year long. The most magic view arises in winter time, when a thick snow layer surrounds the pools. The water slides are open only during summer time, where you can choose from ANACONDA, KAMIKAZE slide and the Water Playground. In the main recreation pool you can use the Wet Bubble and small kids slides. Around the pools you can fins additional, so called dry attractions such as line park, green area, restaurants, wellness zone etc. There are a few hotel's rooms for those who would like to stay for longer - always busy...

"Piernikowe Miasteczko" - Toruń

Petroland AquaPark - Bački Petrovac

The water park PETROLAND is the newest and the biggest water attraction in Serbia. It offers 8 different water slides, such as Anaconda, Kamikaze, Multislide, UFO, Black Hole for raftings, Pendulum and another Anaconda with special effects. There is also a huge Water Playground with another few slides for kids and lots of splashing water all around. The place is colourful, varied and on the fresh air.

Zjeżdżalnia multimedialna

All about slides

Holiday Camping - Łazy

The first water playground in Poland in a pool with heated water. The water playground is equipped with 3 water slides, water attractions and a mini bubble. Another attractions in the camping's water park are: Anaconda slide and Multislide.

Gino Paradise Tbilisi - Tbilisi

The highest and the fastest water toboggan in Eastern Europe is already in Tbilisi. The toboggan has six slide tracks (red, black, yellow, black x2 and orange slides) and each of them provokes different emotions and feelings. The tracks are over 1 150 meters long in total which is also the longest slide attraction in Caucasus. The red tube is the fastest one with a possibility to develop ride speed up to 59.8 km/h. Toboggan has also two similar blue lines with F1 effects that allow to compete with a rival and to measure your time and speed of sliding. The black tube of the toboggan is a unique adventure: its special sounds and light effects give cosmic world inspiration and unforgettable experience. Water temperature is 30-32 °C.

Gino Paradise Besenova - Bešeňová

Aquapark Gino Paradise złożony jest z kilku stref, w których każdy znajdzie atrakcję dla siebie. Strefę adrenaliny wyposażyliśmy w wielopoziomowy plac zabaw dla dzieci z trzema zjeżdżalniami, atrakcję Wet Bubble i Wulkan w basenach zewnętrznych. Obok nich znajduje się 30 m wieża, z której mamy do wyboru aż 6 różnych zjeżdżalni, których suma długości to 1000 m.