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Firma Mazur -

water attractions producer

The company named „Firma Mazur” provides a complex swimming pool offer which was prepared on the basis of works with various investors. The offered products, besides of water slides, are: exclusive slides of a stainless steel, water toys, modular water playgrounds, water treatment technology, floating platforms, additional swimming pool equipment, fountains, surfing simulators and many other exceptional attractions which provide the places of meetings and fun with an unique character.

We achieved our reputation due to a complex realization of building and equipping  swimming pools whilst trying to offer the most up-to-date and efficient solutions. Both in the field of pool attractions as well in the field of the supportive technology of water treatment, we present and implement the state-of-the-art solutions.

From the very beginning, our products became known on 27 world markets, inter alia: in Iceland, Slovakia, Ukraine, USA, Norway, Denmark, Serbia, Czech Republic or South Korea . We have been building our expert knowledge during the realization of more than 550 investments.

Our actions are heading to bring the satisfaction of both the investor as well as the final user from using the pool facility. We are looking for technologies which are optimal with regard to operation and cost-efficiency for investors whilst simultaneously supplying products which bring joy. We believe that creativity is the key to efficiency and a tool for creating a convenient surroundings. We owe our’s company and product development to establishment of steady relationships with customers and business partners with the belief that mutual trust is the foundation.

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