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Water slides manufacture in L-RTM technology

Higher durability and visual appearance

There are many methods of water slide's production. These are in between: manual, spray, RTM and Light RTM. For 21 year now, our production team manufactures multi-colored elements using manual techniques. This method allows us to control the quality at every stage of production.

Along with the rise of competition, customers' requirements relating to the uniqueness of visual appearance and the care of perfectly finished elements, we faced the challenge to invest in new technologies.

There are two very important characteristics of our slides: they don't have side seams and are connected by flanges. Moreover, our pipes with the diameter of 1000 mm and half-pipes a diameter of 1400 mm are featured with additional connections called "tongue - groove".  This solution prevents the elements from movements and centralize the slides during assembly.

What is the L-RTM technology and why is it so desirable?

LRTM (Light Resin Transfer Moulding) is one of the technologies of creating compound products. It consist of inserting resin between two tightly fitting moulds with small pressure. Additionally, the whole process is supported by vacuum pressure. Fiberglass reinforcement is put dry in the mould, which is covered with gel-coat.

This is how we make smooth and perfectly finished slides.


  • very precise finish
  • repeatable, high quality
  • perfect tightness and durability of the elements
  • full pipe mould - seamless tube - innovation on global scale
  • 15% reduction of styrene emission
  • longer lifetime of the slide
  • more efficient structure of the slide - more fiberglass by lower weight of each element
  • very precise in details
  • environmentaly friendly technology
  • less waste and lower energy consumption during production

These are just some of the advantages that entails manufacturing of slides in L-RTM technology.

The first slide we made in the technology of Light RTM works in the brand new "7 Ocean" water park in Chmielnitzki, Ukraine. It's an Anaconda rafting slide with half transparent lines, with total lenght of 87m.

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