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Water Slides Carnival

The portable water park

Water Slides Carnival is an revolutionare concept of a portable water park - entertainment center, which includes multiple water slides, water playground and the water treatment system, that work as an unique attraction for special events, amusement parks, traditional carnivals and fairs.

The unique and innovative design of WSC is intended to satisfy the entire family.  That includes those seeking the thrill of the fast curves of a downward spiral water slide to youngsters who would love to surprise Mom and Dad with the spray of a water gun.

WSC is a self-contained system relying on proven and existing technologies developed by our emloyees in cooperation with the professional trailor manufacturer, who came up with a customized design, special for WSC's needs. Therfore we are able to meet both European ans US standards in terms of dimensions of the trailor and the water treatment norms.

WSC is completely independent and can be setup and operated in any location. The standard set includes:

1. Three Slides:
  • Anaconda - the medium level slide 50 meters long with multimedia effects
  • Kamikaze - the 10 meter high level slide at a 45 degree slope for those demanding more adrenaline
  • Multislide - the two track easy level slide 15 meters long with a racing system to measure time for each track
2. Water Playground

Multilevel attraction for the youngest visitors is equipped with water guns, buckets, cascades and other interactive features that rests on a soft anti-slip surface.

3. Self-Contained System

WSC standard set is mounted on 8 custom-made trailers excluding water tanks with filtration system to recirculate the water.

4. Water Treatment Technology
  • Water tanks mounted on 2 trailers to recirculate the water
  • Special water filtration system
  • Water is heated
  • Water is continuously sanitized by a high tech low-chlorinated system
5. Innovative Design

Custom trailers are equipped with hydraulic systems for raising the slides and self-leveling.  

6. Additional Equipment

Beach chairs, sunshades, custom-made benches, changing rooms.

7. Speed

Can be assembled or disassembled to be transported to the next location.

Quality and safety

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Quality and safety