Bezpieczeństwo - Innowacja - Rozrywka

- Niepołomice - Poland

- Wólka Kozodawska - Poland

- Bytom - Poland

- Połaniec - Poland

- Andrychów - Poland

Basen kryty w Andrychowie - zjeżdżalnia Anaconda

- Pokrzywna - Poland

ENNI Solimare - Moers - Germany - Moers - Germany

Camping The Krim - JV De Cocksdorp - Netherlands

Zwembad De Blauwe Golf - Leeuwarden

Camping de Boomgaard - Westkapelle - Netherlands

Public Water Playground - Ciechocinek - Poland

Public Beach - Margonin - Poland

"Perła" Water Park - Nowiny - Poland

Water Playground RCS - Lubin - Poland

Shopping mall Arkadia - Warszawa - Poland

After 10 years operation the management decided to refresh the interior design of the food court. By adding the stainless steel slide this corner became the most desireble place in the whole shopping mall. It starts from 5,5m heigh and finishes on a soft artificial grass. Iconic slide is the no. 1 in Poland!

Optisport Zwembad Groenoord - JN Schiedam - Netherlands

Sport and Recreation Center It Gryn - LP Stiens - Netherlands

Swimming pool center Laguna - Gryfino - Netherlands

Aquapark in Świecie - Świecie - Poland

Aquapark Chełm - Chełm - Poland

Swimming pool "Wodnik" - Grójec - Poland

Swimming pool centre in Grojec has been constantly working for 18 years without interruption. Deserved profound modernization ended up with thunderous opening in early December 2016. This place has all the necessary attractions, ie. Sports pool with 5 lanes, a lane for beginners, recreational pool with attractions and most importantly: a water slide! 28-meter Anaconda adds color crude tiled pool's hall.

Sport and Recreation Center - Białogard - Poland

Białogard built a brand new sport facility with a swimming pool. Its cubature is different from the first conceptual design - thanks to the analysis of investment costs and operating costs the Investor decided to reduce the object by half. Finally, for visitors got for use: a 25-meter swimming pool, recreation pool, track for swimming, water attractions and foremost 2 water slides: Anaconda and Family.

Binkowski Hotel - Kielce

Twentebad Hengelo - Hengelo

Municipal swimming pool in Hengelo has undergone an impressive upgrade. Within the framework of the renovation one of the pools enriched by movable floor and so the pool became multifunctional. More importantly - we replaced the old slides with modern, multimedia slides - ANACODA and TUNNEL FUNNEL. ANACONDA slide has a length of 51 m and a diameter of 1200 mm. Its uniqueness owes interactive game involving the collection points during sliding. The second slide has a length of 67 m, a diameter of 1200 mm and a characteristic "cone." Both slides are kind of "body slide", it means that its usage do not require extra accessories ie. Mats and raftings.

Twentebad - blue slide Tunnel Funnel 67m

Twentebad - Red multimedia slide with interactive game 51m

Optisport Zwembad Poelmeer - Oegstgeest

Municipal swimming pool in Oegstgeest was renovated in 2016. The renovation included the replacement of the water slide, renewal of ventilation system and new tiles in the sport's pool. Supplied by us ANACONDA slide with electronic multimedia effects gives the possibility of a choice of theme play of light and music from 4 options. The launch of this multimedia slide was a very important event on the regional scale.

Zwembad Poelmeer - GoH2o Challenger 35m

Imperiall Resort & MediSPA - Sianożęty

Okiem kamery

Аквапарк "7 ОКЕАН" - Khmelnytskyi Oblast

The opening of the water park "7 Ocean" in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine is a significant event on a national scale. Styling of this park is very carefully thought out and extremely realistically done - here are pirates, sunken objects, marine animals and rocks. The water park features 6 slides, including multislide, Kamikaze, UFO, Anaconda with multimedia and rafting slide made in the L-RTM technology. Water park "7 Ocean" is an unrivaled attraction in the country made with the utmost care - the effect is wonderful.

7 Ocean Aquapark

Molo Resort - Osiek

A place that has been nominated as "Polish Caribbean" by local bloggers. This place creates a holiday atmosphere in a seaside style, although located in the south-eastern Poland. The pool itself has been constructed in the sandy beach style. Fulfilled with blue water makes the bather feel like on all-inclusive holidays - for pennies! Iconic attraction here is the 70m waterslide in an intense turquoise color. The icing on the cake here is stylish Beach Bar - keep calm and enjoy the life :)

Hotel Continental - Krynica Morska

The only water park on the Vistula Spit which belongs to the 4-star Hotel Continental in Krynica Morska. This facility is known for a very good reputation and high class. The newly opened water park initiate from the entrance soothes and relax. Thanks to the light, high-quality stainless steel pools and a range of water attractions makes the water park attractive for kids and adults. The kids zone includes multifunctional water palyground, wave generator and two water slides - 63 and 100 m long - with multimedia effects. Just worth visiting!

Haydarpasha Palace - Alanya - Turkey

Hotel Haydarpasha in Turkey resembles the royal palace, as if directly copied from Disney movies.
This 4-star hotel introduces a very spectacular attraction - Wet Bubble in Medi version. Medi Bubble is a medium-sized dome with an integrated fountain and ropes for climbing.

Who choose to go on holiday to Turkey should visit the Turkish Riviera Konakli.

X2 Boutique Office - Warszawa

X2 boutique office is a unique place in a prestigious district of Warsaw. It is located in the green part of Mokotów on Czerska street 12, next to the "Gazeta Wyborcza" office (Agora SA). The modern interior has been equipped with many amenities, including a dry slide made of stainless steel. The slide located in the main lobby gives joy in everyday's movements between floors.

Zwembad De Fakkel - Ridderkerk

The water slides lifetime in public pools is estimated at approx. 10 years. After this period, due to its appearance, the integrity and cleanliness it's recommended to replace the entire slide for a new one. Such a decision has been taken, among others, in the Dutch town of Ridderkerk. The old slide was disassebled, and replaced by a shinny, grass-green coloured, 60 meters long water slide with translucent elements ( lines, stars, circles). Kids, in a competition, nominated its new attraction "Octopus", for which they received diplomas and free entrance tickets to the swimming pool.

Zielona zjeżdżalnia 59 m

"Goracy Potok" - SZAFLARY

Recreation place - Goracy Potok - is another water park worth to visit, especially for thermal water fans. Thanks to the access to hot water, the outdoor pools are open the whole year long. The most magic view arises in winter time, when a thick snow layer surrounds the pools. The water slides are open only during summer time, where you can choose from ANACONDA, KAMIKAZE slide and the Water Playground. In the main recreation pool you can use the Wet Bubble and small kids slides. Around the pools you can fins additional, so called dry attractions such as line park, green area, restaurants, wellness zone etc. There are a few hotel's rooms for those who would like to stay for longer - always busy...

Aqua Lublin - Lublin

Aqua Lublin is a complex of pools in the most modern water park in Poland. It consists of 3 zones: sport, recreation and relax. In the sport zone, the main element is a 50-meter-long Olympic swimming pool with a window for passers-by. Beside this attraction there are, among others, three pools, recreation, saunas and steam baths, two tube water slides and one family slide. The aquapark has a total area of 14.5 thousand. sqm.

GBI van Dijk office building - Sassenheim

The presence of slides in office buildings is nowadays a sign of concern for the employee and the desire for unique interior in the office space. So it happened in the GBI van Dijk office in the Netherlands, where we delivered a tubular slide. It accelerates the movement of employees between first and ground floor. A small thing, which makes everybody happy!

"Tarnowskie Termy" - Tarnowo Podgórne

Tarnowo Baths is a unique water park, which draws water from geothermal sources, extracted from the well to a depth of 1,200 meters, providing water with a temperature over 45.7 degrees Celsius. The recreation area includes a large swimming pool with numerous water attractions, ie. the wild river, water jets and slides, such as: Anaconda with multimedia and acrylic pipe, Kamikaze and Family - which ends in recreational pool.

"Piernikowe Miasteczko" - Toruń

Aqua Arena - Dubová

Yellow water slide

Orange Water slide

Sport and recreation center "Źródlana" - Żary

School swimming pool (ul.Harcerska) - Chorzów

Stainless steel pool is the best solution for schools and public facilities, due to it's durability and smooth finishings. Moreover, such pool is easy in maintainance. Nevetheless the technology under the pool is even more important. In this school's pool the Dryden Aqua System has been used. The school owns 7,5 x 12,5 m pool with 3 lines, SPA zone with a whirlpool and a sauna room.

Health and Recreation Center "Jantar" - Darłowo - Poland - Zachodnie

Health and Recreation Center "Jantar" is a complex of pavilions divided into several zones, including the accommodation zone for max. 300 people, spa and recreational area with an outdoor swimming pool and a few slides dedicated for the whole family. Attractions of this Center and the proximity to the Baltic Sea form a wide range of sport & relax opportunities for seniors, adults and children.

Petroland AquaPark - Bački Petrovac

The water park PETROLAND is the newest and the biggest water attraction in Serbia. It offers 8 different water slides, such as Anaconda, Kamikaze, Multislide, UFO, Black Hole for raftings, Pendulum and another Anaconda with special effects. There is also a huge Water Playground with another few slides for kids and lots of splashing water all around. The place is colourful, varied and on the fresh air.

Zjeżdżalnia multimedialna

All about slides

Jasna Sport and Recreation - Gliwice

The sport center "Jasna" offers not only a specialized pool with movable floor for aqua areobic and swimming courses. The place is also dedicated for wide group of active people. They can choose between climbing wall, bouldering, tennis, football, voleyball and basketball hall, gym, dance and fitness courses and judo. After the exhausting exercises the visitors are invited to relax in the Wellness.

Nowoczesny basen z ruchomym dnem

Water Park ORKA - Bolesławiec

Water slides are the main attraction in the Water Park ORKA, thus making this water park the primary one in the region. The collective lenght of the slides in approx. 165m, from which the Anaconda slides have 100m and 60m, and the Family slide just 5m.

Holiday Camping - Łazy

The first water playground in Poland in a pool with heated water. The water playground is equipped with 3 water slides, water attractions and a mini bubble. Another attractions in the camping's water park are: Anaconda slide and Multislide.

Vandhuset Swimming pool - Hjørring

Keeping the specific scandinavian climate we build an Anaconda slide in municipal swimming pool in Hjorring, Denmark. Simple slide is the biggest attraction for the kids. This slide is very twisting and changes from a half-pipe into pipe slide. This model is the best solution for those, who doesn't have so much space to install some wide and long slides.

"Panorama Morska" - Jarosławiec

Panorama Morska is a hotel and recreation complex designed for families with children. Health Resort & Medical SPA Panorama Morska in Jarosławiec has among other things a complex of indoor stainless steel pools with a surface area of approx. 1500 square meters and a grotto with waterfalls and inhalation thalasso. The most important there are the pool attractions for children of all ages. The guests will find there some waterslides, recreation pools with water toys and many other surprises that enrich the offer object and translate into visitors loyalty.

"Aquapark Zielona Góra" - Zielona Góra

In aquapark offers a range of different water slides: the longest Anaconda with special effects, full-pipe and half-pipe Anacondas, UFO and Family slide. Indeed, the most crowded attraction is the big Wet Bubble, Wave Ball - the wave generator and climbing wall. Nevertheless, we never forgot about the youngest - a special small pool with Elephant slide and Dino cascade is separated to ensure the visitors safety space.

Water Park - Tallmadge

Open pool complex offers 2 water slides: blue Anaconda and yellow Kamikaze.

Water Park - Williamsburg

Medium-sized public pool with 2 Anaconda water slides, from which one is equipped with special effects.

Aqua Park Zakopane - Zakopane

Aqua Park in Zakopane offers 5 different models of water slides and many other water attractions. Here we can choose between two, very long Anaconda slides, from which one delivers much more fun due to special effects. Inside the water park we have also a Kamikaze slide, Family slide and half-pipe Anaconda slide. We never forget about the youngest visitors - for them we created a funny Dino cascade.

Аквапарк в г. Закопане

Outdoor pool "Skałka" - Świętochłowice

Gino Paradise Tbilisi - Tbilisi

The highest and the fastest water toboggan in Eastern Europe is already in Tbilisi. The toboggan has six slide tracks (red, black, yellow, black x2 and orange slides) and each of them provokes different emotions and feelings. The tracks are over 1 150 meters long in total which is also the longest slide attraction in Caucasus. The red tube is the fastest one with a possibility to develop ride speed up to 59.8 km/h. Toboggan has also two similar blue lines with F1 effects that allow to compete with a rival and to measure your time and speed of sliding. The black tube of the toboggan is a unique adventure: its special sounds and light effects give cosmic world inspiration and unforgettable experience. Water temperature is 30-32 °C.

Gino Paradise Besenova - Bešeňová

Aquapark Gino Paradise złożony jest z kilku stref, w których każdy znajdzie atrakcję dla siebie. Strefę adrenaliny wyposażyliśmy w wielopoziomowy plac zabaw dla dzieci z trzema zjeżdżalniami, atrakcję Wet Bubble i Wulkan w basenach zewnętrznych. Obok nich znajduje się 30 m wieża, z której mamy do wyboru aż 6 różnych zjeżdżalni, których suma długości to 1000 m.

Aquapark Wrocław - Wrocław

Wroclaw Water Park owns one of the best multimedia water slides with an imaginating ending. The Anaconda slide is finished with UFO slide and this is a very unique solution. From the UFO pool the sliders have to swim and slide trough a special mini slide to a lazy river pool which goes around the UFO slide. This unrepeatable slide in Poland was made in cooperation with ALGIDA, that's why the Anaconda slide is fully decorated with strawberries and pieces of chocolate.

Thermal Corvinus - 932 01

On the occation of 40th anniversary the thermal park built 4 water slides, from which 3 can rise the adrenaline up! The longest quaqes are going to PENDULUM, TUNNEL FUNNEL and MULTISLIDE. The FAMILY slide for younger kids has been build separately, for safety reasons.

Outdoor pools complex "Ruda" - Rybnik

Open pools complex in Rybnik waited for the modernisation for a long. At present this pools complex is in dispose of stainless steel pools, two water slides - ANACONDA and FAMILY - and water attractions, e.g. the WAVE BALL or many water cascades.

Hotel Warszawianka - Serock

Theme water park in Hotel Warszawianka is a place for youngs and adults. Among all attractions you will find the ANACONDA waterslide with special effects resembling tropical forest. Special remote on the starting point gives a possibility to turn the simple slide into a scary storm, galactic black hole or nice path for kids.