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Movable floor

Smooth regulation of the pool's depth

The movable floor is a multifunctional element mostly used as additional, specialized pool equipment. The mechanizm allows to regulate the pool's depth dependent to special trainings. Such a pool can be adjusted for rehabilitation courses, for swimming lessons, for pregnant women and many others.


The movable floor can be installed in both planned or existing pools. The whole floor can be covered by the mechnizm as well as just a part of it. In such case, where only a part of the pool is multifunctional, it's neccesary to provide additional securing sollutions, which protect the swimmers from diving under the movable floor.

Safety and quality

The movable floor is produced from fiber glass elements and frame steel construction. It is navigated by "HYDRA V 1.7" control system, equipped with controler and a display, which enable the technicals to fully control the move and depth of the floor.

More advantages:

  • easy in use
  • fast change of the pool's depth
  • no side effects on the water quality
  • no interference on disinfaction process and water flow
  • adjustment to every target group
  • may be equipped with RGB lights in the floor


The product possess the Hygienic Attestation signed by National Hygienic Institute. The patent number is RP–P 369702.

First project

The very first project of a movable floor has been launched in rehabilitation pool next to clinic hospital in Białogard. The pool's dimentions are 8 x 6 meters.