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It is a climbing wall and slide in one!  On a small area and by means of one attraction we can guarantee a creative fun based on the cooperation for a group of kids. A colourful volcano ensures the explosion of positive experiences and the joy of playing in water.

This attraction consists of the laminate walls with holes enabling climbing and of a steel balustrade at the top which guarantee kids a safe fun. The colors of the volcano are adjusted to an overall style of the water park. In order to ensure a full safety for the users, we mount the volcano in the pool of the depth of ca. 40 cm.

A big volcano is an attraction for older and more stronger children. The difficulty of climbing rewards the view from the top and the possibility of a slide on the water slide. A big volcano is a safe and pleasant attraction because an uncontrolled detaching of the wall ends with a benign slide on the soft surface right into the pool.

Big volcano