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Wave Ball

This colourful ball can change a calm water into a real sea storm in just few minutes. It attracts children and adults for a common fun, diving and jumping. It gives you amazing impressions because it can adopt to the preferences of bathers. We equip the biggest models in additional handlers enabling the most courageous persons climbing the ball – this is the most likeable fun for children!

Wave Ball:

  • is the most energy-saving wave generator
  • is an easy-to-use attraction
  • can be adopted to every pool (existing or in the construction)
  • is multifunctional creator of various types of the waves
  • is a safe attraction for children and adults
  • is a specialistic device - used for exercises for life-guards, to simulate difficult water conditions, like storms

Due to the signals transmitted from the measurement sensors, the control software analyses the movements of the Ball, characteristics of waves and their frequency and amplitude to adjust it to the current conditions.

Before the installation at the pool we add a computer animation called Wave Ball in order to present a realistic functioning of the attraction.

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