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The platform shallowing the pool's


The shallowing platform allows for a multitask use of a deep pool. Thanks to the adjustment of a steady depth (90 cm) at one of the circuit of a pool, we provide the pool with new possibilities, for example: swimming learning for children or aqua aerobics. What is meaningful, this device ensures a removable, safe area for swimming at the lowest possible cost.


The shallowing platform is made of glass reinforced plastic laminate resistant to corrosion occurring in the environment of pool water. Due to an openwork structure on walls and bottom of water, the platform meets the requirement of a proper water circulation in the swimming pool. Barriers may be equipped with the filling out of PVC panels or stainless steel.

Technical details

weight: ~ 75 kg/linear meter, utility load: 350 kg/m2


The body of the platform under the surface of the water protects from the possibility to swim underneath the platform – there is a protection with an openwork structure from the side of the pool. The shape of the mounted profiles allows for their easy cleaning.